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Traditional Wedding Dance Styles

With spectacular costumes & choreographed routines, our Multi styles talented Dancers will create an authentic traditional & cultural Pakistani, Bhanga, Sufi, Romi Raqs dance experience which will dazzle your guests!

New Style Wedding Dancers in Pakistan.


If you want new styled wedding dancers that uniquely themed to your event in Pakistan, look no further! Arabian Nights, Bhangra, Tango, Hip Hop, Irish Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancer & more, the list is endless & Tulips Dance Group Company are always open to give you perfect wedding dancers and ideas!

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Hiring dance group and dance companies is a great way to bring exciting, energetic entertainment to your wedding reception, fair, festival, birthday party, graduation, corporate function, or community event. Whether you need a dance group to perform a traditional dancer, Hire Best Wedding Dance Gourp in Pakistan, Wedding Dancer, Dancers Booking, classical, bhangra, hip hop routine, a group swing dance, or a fun and unique hula or fire dance, we will connect you with dance groups in your area to help create a successful event.

Dancers for wedding Events are a perfect dancer girls and guys specialising in creating new and exciting dance pieces for Wedding Events, Corporate Events and eye-catching spontaneous Sufi Raqs to create an impact. Based in Pakistan we can provide any number of dancers performing any style of dance anywhere in the world.

We can cater for all themes, shows, settings and situations – Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Flash Mobs, Trade Shows, Product Launches, TV adverts and many more. We can design any scale of production from just a few dancers to a full ensemble. Whatever your brief we can capture attention and create an impact.



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Triditional Pakistani Mehendi Stage Decoration Setup

Triditional Pakistani Mehendi Stage Decoration Setup








A wedding ceremony Specially Mehendi without flower decoration is incomplete. Mehendi flower decorations can be of different types according to your choice. One can go in for a beautiful centerpiece or a large arch, keeping in mind the need of the wedding place. One can use one’s own creativity and make a unique flower decoration for the wedding ceremony. The fact that has to be taken care of is that the flower decoration should be complimenting the rest of the wedding decorations. we are here to guide you with the details about Mehendi Flower Decoration in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & all over Pakistan.
Tulips event Presents Wedding Mehendi Flower Decorations make for the wonderful, creative, bright and colored Mehendi floral décor. Bring flowers to your wedding and any other event and it will surely teach you the lesson of life to move on. Mehendi Flowers respect the ‘present’ and also teach us to live in the present. They are truly symbolic of freshness, vitality and good wishes.
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Bridal Mehndi Designs Hands


Mehndi Designs Hands are most used designs in wedding, eid, and other season hands look beautiful with mehendi especially on bridal hands Bridal Mehndi Designs Hands are very creative and floral in nature specially design for bridal for the special season and special moment Bridal Mehndi Designs Hands are prepare in paper stencil easy to use on bridal hands Pakistani and Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs Hands are unique and beautiful also preferred in western culture.

Best outdoor pakistani wedding setups and arrangments ideas


Best weddings Designers and Experts get you the best outdoor wedding Setups, Best mehndi, Baraat , Walima Stages, one of the best Weddings Setups decorators and specialists, best outdoor wedding Entrances, halls, outdoor decoration Experts, Colors scheme advisers for affordable wedding Setups, a leading Weddings planning Company.

Commitment to client is that:

  • Unique & Creative structure and design planning, ideas for your wedding that surprises your guest.
  • You’ll have personalized in-home consultation service and as much pre-planning as you need.
  • You will have highly professional Model Structure on your event with expert Set Designers.
  • We work closely with banquet staff and all vendors to ensure smooth transitions throughout every segment of your special celebration.
  • We respect all you recommendation and cost estimation for your flexible package for you memorable wedding


Best Dholki Party Ideas for Pakistani Weddings


In Pakistan, the dholki is one of several pre-wedding festive occasions that is celebrated prior to the actual wedding day. The dholki party is almost equivalent to the bridal shower in the Western culture. The Pakistani bride is donned in a yellow outfit.

The Dolki party is named after the South Asian word dholak meaning drum. The dholki event consists of singing with the dholak as a musical accompaniment, rehearsal of dancing in preparation for the upcoming festivities, and eating good food.

In a lot of Pakistani communities, traditionally, children sing and dance on the beat of the dholak during pre-wedding festivities.

Since all the family from far and wide is gathered for the wedding, the Dholki party is a time for them to enjoy each other’s company. Usually close family and friends host Dholki parties in their homes for the bridal party. The dholak provides an interesting accompaniment for the naughty lyrics of the songs aimed at an abashed bride-to-be.

Often times, the Pakistani mayoon ceremony where the ubtan (a paste made from turmeric, sandalwood powder, herbs and aromatic oils) is applied to the bride, occurs at the dholki party. The ubtan is supposed to brighten the skin of the bride, and is part of the beautification ritual of the Pakistani bride.

For the next few days before the wedding, the ubtan will be applied to the bride.

Dholki Party Ideas

Best Pakistani mehendi Stage Decoration ideas


Wedding Stage is the place where wedding rituals are performed. So as Pakistani Wedding and its importance of wedding stage decorations can’t be overlooked. The Pakistani wedding stage is a Mandap in open which is based on four poles. A well decorated stage sets the mood for the weddings theme. The family of the couples and couples themselves must express their interest and preference for stage decoration. The ideal stage decoration should be in conformity with chosen wedding theme.

We brought you to some of most traditional and stylish Pakistan mehendi stage decoration photos collections:

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Affordable pakistani wedding lighting, stage lights, parkin lights services solutions


Our perfect client is someone who knows they want the best in entertainment and AV production services. You’ ll work exclusively with the event expert who will be coordinating and executing your whole event.

Our rule to the personal relationships we have with each client allows us to deliver the highest & best quality services. You’re unique and you have specific needs, we pull from our expertise and experience to exceed your expectations with innovative lighting services and music. Our reliable wedding and event professionals are recognized throughout the industry for their experience and high-quality services.

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Learn about the Basic Pakistani & Islamic Way of Wedding


The wedding ceremony in Pakistan generally lasts for four days. As Pakistan is a Muslim majority country, the wedding rituals follow the Muslim patterns. On the first day, the family members of the bride and the groom dress in yellow and celebrate the upcoming festivity separately. The bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other from this day on.

On the second the celebration of ‘mehendi’ takes place which includes dancing and singing traditional songs. The bride also puts the henna paste on her hand and feet. The groom’s family gives the wedding dress to the bride on this day.

The marriage ceremony takes place on the third day. On the wedding day, the

 bride usually wears the traditional red wedding dress. The bride’s gown is very elaborate with a veil and heavy jewelry. The groom wears a traditional turban. A compulsory amount of money is given by the groom’s family to the bride’s family known as ‘meher’ and the amount is decided by the elders of both the families.
Before reading out a selected piece from the Koran, the priest will ask the bride if she is happy with the marriage and agrees her groom. The groom is also asked the same. The marriage is then registered known as ‘nikaahnama’, first signed by the groom and then by two other witnesses. The groom is then taken to the women’s section where he gives money and gifts to the sisters of the bride and takes the blessings of the elders. Then dinner is served separately to men and women.

After the first meal, the bride and the groom sit together and a long scarf is used to cover their heads as the priest reads out prayers. Then the holy Koran is kept between them and they are allowed to see each other through reflection by mirrors. The dried dates and sweet dishes are served to the guests. The groom spends a night separately at the bride’s house with a younger brother and in the morning he is given clothes, gifts and money by the bride’s parents. That afternoon the groom’s relatives come to accompany the bridal couple to their home.

The farewell is given by the bride’s father giving her hand to the groom asking him to protect her always.
On the fourth day, the couple hosts their first dinner as husband and wife. The groom’s family invites all the guests for reception.



Best Pakistani Mehandi Decoration Ideas


In Pakistan Mehandi is a pre wedding ceremony that is celebrated in different countries and religions like Pakistan and India. All friends of bride are invited on this event and some special traditions are being followed. People do different arrangements to make this event more memorable and exciting. Basically yellow and green colors are considered as theme of the Mehandi ceremony. All the girls put henna on their hands and feet and including the bride. Other activities are also arranged like dholak and singing activities. People do different activities regarding decorations of this day. Here are some important ideas that are being used in the decoration of mehandi decorations.

  1. First of all arrange some decoration material which may include lights and candles, white and yellow flowers, yellow and green ribbons and tulles. Use these tulles and flower strips to hang of the entrance of the hall and also on the stairs.
  2. Use these tulles and flower strips to hang on four sides of the stage where bride will sit.
  3. Use candles in decoration of tables and stage. You can also make use of some other decoration materials to decorate the stage like hanging crystal stripes etc.
  4. You may also hang some banner beautifully decorated to say welcome to the esteemed guests.
  5. In some regions and cultures, people make sitting arrangements on floor then sitting decoration is also of greater importance. You may place mehandi color pillows on the floor or couches.

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Basic Pakistani Wedding Cultural Ideas.


Pakistani Wedding ideas

Pakistani wedding is quite different from wedding of other countries wedding. That’s why it consists of many small and big parties, functions, and get together. If you want to see and experience the real spirit of Pakistani basic culture, then just must be attend Pakistani wedding. That’s because wedding in Pakistan is like a function or a set of functions, where Pakistani culture speaks for itself. Let’s have a look on the main events of the Pakistani wedding that all together forms a “complete Pakistani wedding”.

Dholki day event

It is the first event that takes place few days earlier from the main event of wedding. Dholki is a very lively event that involves the participation of girls and women only. All the female cousins, friends, and relatives of bride are invited in this event. They play “Dhol” (English – Drums), they supposed to dance and sing wedding songs. In this event, bride spends time with her friends and boys are not allowed. This event takes place for 1 or maximum 2 hours. Dholki is not celebrated by all Pakistani, but in recent few years it has gain popularity and majority of Pakistanis celebrate it.

Mayun or Ubtan day event

It is day, when bride and groom are not supposed to meet and see each other till their wedding day. Celebrations are held in both bride and groom’s houses. Their families gather and apply “Ubtan” or “Turmeric” on bride and groom body parts, such as hands and face. Bride wears yellow dress at this event and all the other decoration also done with yellow colors. Groom wears white colored clothes. This event involves the dancing, singing, drum beating, and small feasting. It takes place for 2 to 3 hours.

Mehendi day event

It is the next event of the celebrations of wedding in Pakistan. This function involves the dancing, singing competition, DJ music, and feasting. On this day, the family of bride and groom draw “Mehendi” or “Henna” on the hands of bride and groom. Family members bring wedding attire for bride and groom, such as bride’s family hand over the groom wedding attire to groom’s family and vice versa. But still bride and groom are not supposed to meet and see each other. This event takes place for 2 or maximum 3 hours.

“Wedding Day” or Barat & Nikah day event

It is the main day of the entire ceremony. At this main event, all the arrangements are done and look after by the bride’s family. Nikah is done either in masjid or at the venue of wedding. Groom’s family comes to bride’s house to take the bride with themselves.  Bride wears red colored dress and groom wears black, fawn, or any other color. Dinner is served for all the guests from bride’s family. Relatives, friends, and families take photos with bride and groom, they bring gifts for them, and they wish them good luck for their new life. With the prayers and good wishes, bride’s family sees off bride under. The farewell moment of bride is the most spectacular moment in entire wedding, as at this moment she leaves her family for forever to live with new family and in new place.

Walima day event

This is the final day of wedding celebrations. This is the reception day from groom’s family, when they invite the groom’s side guests to their home. The newly wed couple welcomes all the guests and says thanks to them to attend their wedding. At this day, the newly wed couple mingles with guests and introduces them with guests.

The things that remain consistent through out the wedding ceremony are laughter, dancing, signing, traditional cuisines, get together, and cheerful moments.

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