Best Dholki Party Ideas for Pakistani Weddings


In Pakistan, the dholki is one of several pre-wedding festive occasions that is celebrated prior to the actual wedding day. The dholki party is almost equivalent to the bridal shower in the Western culture. The Pakistani bride is donned in a yellow outfit.

The Dolki party is named after the South Asian word dholak meaning drum. The dholki event consists of singing with the dholak as a musical accompaniment, rehearsal of dancing in preparation for the upcoming festivities, and eating good food.

In a lot of Pakistani communities, traditionally, children sing and dance on the beat of the dholak during pre-wedding festivities.

Since all the family from far and wide is gathered for the wedding, the Dholki party is a time for them to enjoy each other’s company. Usually close family and friends host Dholki parties in their homes for the bridal party. The dholak provides an interesting accompaniment for the naughty lyrics of the songs aimed at an abashed bride-to-be.

Often times, the Pakistani mayoon ceremony where the ubtan (a paste made from turmeric, sandalwood powder, herbs and aromatic oils) is applied to the bride, occurs at the dholki party. The ubtan is supposed to brighten the skin of the bride, and is part of the beautification ritual of the Pakistani bride.

For the next few days before the wedding, the ubtan will be applied to the bride.

Dholki Party Ideas


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